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Facing a significant amount of tax debt is a serious and overwhelming matter, and one that should not be dealt with alone. The Internal Revenue Service (IRS), along with the North Carolina Department of Revenue (NCDOR), have complex laws surrounding taxes. If you find yourself with unsurmountable tax concerns, it is crucial to have knowledgeable legal professionals in your corner.

The tax attorneys at Hartsoe & Associates, P.C. use their decades of experience to design strategic solutions for your tax issues and challenges. We work with you and tax authorities to create repayment plans, have your debt reduced or discharged, and – if necessary – defend your case in court. Call us today.


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What are the penalties for failure to pay tax debt?

Failing to pay a significant amount of tax debt can, unfortunately, result in serious penalties from the IRS or NCDOR. These can include:

  • Credit reporting, which means your tax debt will go on your credit report, making it more difficult to obtain a loan or credit card in the future.
  • Liens on your assets and property, like your vehicle or home. A lien means you cannot sell or refinance until you repay your tax debt.
  • Tax levies, which allow the government to seize your property and sell it to resolve your debt. The IRS or NCDOR can place a levy on your bank account, paycheck, house, or vehicle.
  • Tax penalties and charges, like fines and interest.

Our qualified Winston-Salem tax attorneys can work to help avoid these penalties.

How can a tax debt attorney help me?

At Hartsoe & Associates, we understand the terrible pressure of back tax debt. When you work with us, we take the stress and worry off your plate and put it on ours. We deal with tax authorities for you and give you back your peace of mind. Our Greensboro tax debt attorneys know exactly how the system works and how to guide you through the various solutions available for your situation.

The IRS and NCDOR offer a variety of options for individuals and businesses facing substantial tax debt. We will strategically analyze your circumstances to decide what is right for you. Potential solutions include:

  • Innocent spouse relief. The Innocent Spouse Relief program provides relief to spouses who were unaware of or innocent of any tax liabilities. Hartsoe & Associates works to show that you are not responsible for certain tax debts. This may be especially important during a divorce.
  • Installment agreements. If you have any income available for use toward payment of your debt, our attorneys can help develop a payment plan for tax authorities. We negotiate with the NCDOR or IRS to develop an installment plan you can live with, while still allowing for the things you need and paying off your tax debt over
  • Offers in compromise. With an offer in compromise, we offer the IRS or NCDOR a settlement for less than the full amount of debt owed.
  • Penalty abatement. By negotiating with tax authorities to drop the penalties on your back taxes, you may be better able to afford a repayment plan on the original debt.
  • Qualification for uncollectible status. Your debt may be considered “uncollectible” if you are disabled, unemployed, retired, or have minimal assets. If possible, our attorneys can work to have your debt status moved to this status.
  • Statute of limitations. Many taxpayers are unaware that the IRS has a time limit on how long they can attempt to collect past tax debts. This is called the collection statute expiration date (CSED), and the length of the collection period after assessing a tax liability is typically ten years.
  • Wage garnishment relief. If the IRS has garnished your wages, our attorneys can negotiate with tax authorities for a garnishment release. Once we have achieved wage release, we will work to complete and resolve your tax debt.

As a taxpayer in North Carolina, you do have rights. The NCDOR provides the Taxpayers’ Bill of Rights on its website, which includes information on privacy, penalties, refunds, review requests, and contested cases.

Consult with our attorneys today to find out what types of tax debt relief options are available to you. Remember, there is always a solution – and we can help.

Reputable tax debt relief attorneys in the Triad

Back taxes and debt are not a problem that will go away. Dealing with the issue head-on with the help of the attorneys at Hartsoe & Associates, P.C. can close this financial matter in your life forever. Allow us to work with the IRS or NCDOR on your behalf to find the best possible solution for resolving your tax debt and halting collection efforts. We serve clients in Winston-Salem and Greensboro, as well as the Piedmont Triad. To schedule a consultation with an experienced attorney, please call 336-725-1985 or fill out our contact form.